How to Make Amazing Cold Brew at Home

You Will Need

Air-Tight Container or Mason Jar

Turkish Grind of Quality Coffee

Water (Best Quality Possible)

Scale (Highly Recommended) 

1. Add Coffee to Mason Jar

We recommend using a scale when you make cold brew. It will ensure that your brew tastes amazing, every single time.

We personally love using a 1:15 coffee to water ratio. It's not too weak, and not overly strong. We also prefer using a very fine grind of coffee to ensure all flavor compounds are extracted as much as we can.

Add your amount of coffee to your brewing vessel. In this example, we are using a 16oz jar and will add about 1oz of coffee (28 grams).

You can see a couple of our favorite coffees for cold brew at the end of this tutorial.

2. Bloom the Coffee

Bloom your coffee with 195-200 F water. This will release the gasses from the coffee grounds and make your cold brew extra tasty.

Use enough water to fully saturate all of the grounds. You can even give it a gentle stir to ensure all grounds are extracted evenly. Let your coffee sit for 5 to 10 minutes. 

3. Fill Rest with Water & Refrigerate 

After the blooming period, you will fill the remaining water. We recommend using the best quality of water possible, ideally RO filtered water. The better your water tastes, the better the cold brew!

Place an airtight lid on your jar and leave in the fridge for 24 hours. We recommend setting an alarm for 24 hours so you don't forget!

4. Serve & Enjoy

Gently pour your cold brew out of your container. Most of the coffee grounds will stick to the bottom, so it's best to stop pouring once you see your coffee grounds to avoid having any grounds in your beverage. Some enjoy having a little texture to cold brew and will pour some of the sediments over.

Congratulations, you're all done! For future brews, you can adjust your coffee to water ratio and types of coffee to find your ideal preference. Now get out there and show off your cold brew skills!

our favorite coffees for cold brew

Costa Rica Tarrazu

Makes a very drinkable clean tasting cold brew with nice smooth citrus notes. The coffee we use the most for our cold brew

Costa Rica Peaberry

A naturally processed coffee resulting in super sweet and fruity notes. Perfect if you love sweetness and fruit forward notes.

Costa Rica Red Honey

Very complex tasting, yet super smooth without the harshness you usually get in complex tasting coffee.

Try them all!

A trio of 4oz samples of our favorite coffees on cold brew.

Volcan Azul Sampler