Step-by-Step Tutorial on Making Cold Brew at Home

by Ron Cortez
Step-by-Step Tutorial on Making Cold Brew at Home

Simple, Quick, and Easy. Our Not-So Secret Method.

How to Make Cold Brew Better than the Cafe

Our method of making cold brew calls for no filter use. We have found preference for no-filter cold brew beverages through many cuppings. Filtered cold brew scored lower on our blind taste tests, stating comparatively dull and bland flavor. We simply prefer unfiltered cold brew. 

You Will Need

Air-Tight Container or Mason Jar

Turkish Grind of a Quality Coffee

Water (Best Quality Possible)

Scale (Highly Recommended) 

1. Add Coffee in Mason Jar

We want to use 1:15 coffee to water ratio to start, and then alter according to taste preference.
In this example, we are using 1 oz of Turkish coffee grounds in a 16 oz mason jar.
We are using the finest grind possible, the Turkish grind. The reasoning behind this is to extract as much of the flavor compounds as possible.

2. Bloom the Coffee

Blooming your coffee with 190-195 F water releases the gasses from the coffee grounds at a well-below boiling temperature to avoid flavor loss caused by burning the coffee. To allow that process to occur we recommend letting the coffee sit for 5 to 10 minutes. If you are following the previous example, then you will add 5 oz of water to bloom your brew. 

3. Fill Rest of Water

After the blooming period, you will fill the remaining water. We recommend using the best quality of water possible, ideally soft filtered water. The better your water tastes, the better the cold brew!

4. Refrigerate for 24 Hours

The goal is to keep the coffee in an airtight container filled with liquid when possible. Oxidation, or exposing coffee to oxygen saps the flavor of both beverage and beans or grounds. From experience messing up far too many cold brew experiments, we recommend setting an alarm for when the 24 hours are complete.

5. Serve & Enjoy

Given our no-filter rule, pour the cold brew out of the original container while separating as much coffee sediments from the end product. Serve or save without the coffee sediments to avoid a bitter and harsh beverage. Finally, we recommend keeping the brew cold, but not using ice, as melted ice will dilute the flavor of the coffee. Unless you're into that, if so, then more power to ya!


We hope you enjoy experimenting with our not-so secret recipe. You can change up the ratio we used to your liking, there are no set rules for this process. We also have the same exact coffee we use for our cold brew: Volcan Azul Tarrazu for purchase below, pre-ground Turkish style ready for brewing!

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