Sources Magazine & Cameroon Nano-lot Bundle

Sources Magazine & Cameroon Nano-lot Bundle

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This bundle includes:

  • Sources Magazine Issue 1: Beans of Resistance
  • 16oz of Cameroon Boyo Coffee (Whole Bean)
SOURCES is a publication devoted to sharing comprehensive stories from different parts of the coffee producing world. These stories bring both positive and negative current events to light. The magazine takes an initial interest in coffee producing regions or producers implementing sustainable practices; then delves deeper into complex situations that need to be shared with the outside world.


We partnered with the Sources Magazine team to help bring Issue 1 into fruition by connecting them to our partner Matti at Cameroon Boyo. 100% of magazine profits will go directly to our friends at Cameroon.

Beans of Resistance 
The intersection of the past, present, and future 
This is the beginning of a story with struggle, pride and hope 

The primary motive of this issue is to bring insight into the turmoil and instability facing the English, or Anglophone region of Cameroon, from an experienced perspective.  

The people of this region from Cameroon seek to share their plight and current situation with the world. Initiating interest from readers outside the region will bolster conversations inside and outside Cameroon. 

This dispute in Cameroon has been simmering for decades, but boiled over in 2016, and since then, has cost over 3,000 lives, and displaced over 500,000 people. 

Coffee Info: 

More smooth acidic drinking experience. Lighter cup and heavily caffeinated. Grown on volcanic soil from some of the best farmers in the world. Direct trade with Cameroon Boyo Coffee, a coalition of farmers, pickers, processors, and drivers in Boyo region in Cameroon. Obtained by small farms and processors working in conjunction with roasteries in Europe and North America, in an effort to craft one of the best coffees on the planet. Arabica, Typica, and Java varietals, transported in cherry form to a centralized washing station are then bagged and shipped at a higher than usual moisture level in order to taste fresh year round. The flavor profile is bright, pronounced, flavorful. 

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Ron Cortez, founder of Cortez Coffee and retired coffee picker, makes friendships with the world's most talented coffee farmers. On average, we pay 3-5x per pound compared to the current fair trade minimum.

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Every batch is carefully & passionately roasted to bring out each origin's unique characteristics. Our unique air-roaster uses an indirect flame & the power of air to produce incredibly clean coffee with very little smoke contamination. Every batch is vigirously tested in our lab to ensure consistency and memorable taste.

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Our entire production team is ran by the Cortez family. Ron Cortez connects with coffee producers from around the world. His son, Patrick, roasts every batch of coffee. His two younger daughters hope to take over one day. From our family to yours, we promise outstanding coffee that is backed up by our passion and decades of experience in the industry.

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Elizabeth W.
Treat yourself!

For me this coffee is a swisher, not a sipper. The notes are enigmatic; subtle yet definite. I kept going in for another try, but my vocabulary failed and my cup emptied. I am so happy I tried this one! It is so pleasing.