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Since 1993, we have been on a mission to provide our patrons with the best quality of beans possible. We cater to the most demanding palates among coffee drinkers.
This is why we connect with micro-farms with intelligent and ambitious farmers, to improve our coffees with every yield.

Our goal is to give you and your loved ones a unique experience by introducing you to an amazing array of coffees that hail from exotic locations around the world. 

      -Ronald Cortez, Founder 


We carefully select coffee growers and partners that share passion and sustainable production practices.

 Establish Ties

We establish close relationships with coffee producers in order to understand the growing and harvesting process.

 Deliver to You

From our family to yours, we promise an outstanding coffee product that is backed up by decades of experience in the industry. 

our promise

memorable taste

We seek exotic and one-of-a-kind flavor profile in every single coffee we roast. Our selection is narrowed down to some of the best beans in the world, grown by farmers capable of improving their yields and collaborating with us to import coffees with flavor profiles that our patrons desire.

humble beginnings 

Our coffee education comes from humble beginnings as coffee pickers in Costa Rica. After 30 years of learning, we truly believe that we have some of the most advanced knowledge and research practices in the industry. We meticulously analyze every aspect of the coffee, from bean to cup. We are happy to educate our patrons on every aspect of the process, simply message us.

amazing prices

We sell coffee bags by the pound (16 oz), not 12 oz, like the majority of coffee companies. We see no point in wasting packaging in order to make margins off of our sales. You get 1/3rd, or 33% more coffee when you get Cortez Coffee. Longer lasting bags and more bang for your buck.

Our Team

Ronald Cortez


Ron is the founder of Cortez Coffee Company, and More Than Fair, a direct trade coalition that connects specialty coffee growers, farmers and consumers. Ron has perfected the art of coffee roasting, brewing, and cultivating after learning from his father and grandfather in their native Costa Rica. His passion lies in teaching, and mentoring budding coffee professionals. Our friends see him as down-to-earth, truthful (a little crude), and loyal.

Kevin Briggs

Researcher // Developer

Kevin joined the Cortez team after many years working in the technology industry, as a semiconductor technician in California. Since 2001, Kevin has led our coffee research laboratory in our headquarters, coding our roasting software, and conducting industry-leading experiments unique to our company, like split-bean analysis, light expose to coffee beans, among other numerous studies.

Daniel Contreras

Roastmaster // Technician

Dany began at Cortez Coffee when we were located behind a small auto parts store in Phoenix in 1995. Since then, Dany has become an accomplished Roastmaster and a specialist in espresso machines. He is responsible for roasting over a quarter-million pounds of coffee per year. Without Dany's expertise and attention to details, we have no Cortez Coffee.

Patrick Celaya

Web Wizard

Growing up around coffee, Patrick, Ron’s son, became a coffee enthusiast. He has been key in organizing the web presence for Cortez, and has spent many years developing our site into how it performs today. If you have inquiries about added features for our site, please do not hesitate to email him directly at