Roasting Excellence Since '93
Roasting Excellence Since '93
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About Us

We Know Coffee Since Birth.

Since 1993, we've been on a mission to provide our customers with the best quality of coffee possible.  We're happy to say that throughout the years we have became more confident than ever that this statement is true. 

We are a family owned business that caters for the most demanding palates among coffee drinkers in Arizona. Our goal is to give you and your loved ones a unique experience by introducing you to an amazing array of products made of coffee beans that hail from exotic locations around the world. From our family to yours, we promise an outstanding coffee product that is backed up by decades of experience in the industry as well as extensive research. 

Our approach to help you discover and understand your coffee palate:

 We carefully select coffee growers and partners that share passion and sustainable production practices, we then establish stretch connection ties with them in order to closely control and monitor the proper harvesting at the plantation level, and lastly, we deliver the final product in your hands.

Meet the Team

Ron Cortez

Ron is the founder of Cortez Coffee and More Than Fair, a direct trade coalition that connects quality coffee growers, farmers and consumers. Ron has perfected the art of coffee roasting, brewing, and cultivating after learning from his father and grandfather in their native Costa Rica.


Kevin Briggs

Mr. Briggs joined the Cortez team after many years of working in the technology industry as a semiconductor technician in California. Since 2001, Kevin has been running the operations in our headquarters as well as coding our current roasting software and conducting coffee research.


Daniel C.

Danny began at Cortez Coffee when we were located behind a small auto parts store in Phoenix in 1995. Since then, Danny has become an accomplished Roastmaster and an awesome espresso/coffee brewing specialist. He is responsible for roasting over 120,000 pounds of coffee per year.


Patrick Celaya

Following Ron’s passion for Coffee, Patrick (Ron’s son) has grown into the Cortez team and has become a coffee enthusiast. He is responsible for broadcasting the story of coffee through photography and social media. He is also the head barista of Cortez and trains customers on how they can brew the perfect cup of coffee anywhere.

Amanda Adams

Coffee has always been a part of Amanda’s life in one way or another, from early memories of drinking coffee with her grandma to being behind an espresso machine as a barista or more recently, walking up a step ladder loading green coffee beans into a roaster and cupping like there is no tomorrow. 

Contact Us


Cortez Coffee 

1030 E Vista del Cerro
85281 Tempe, AZ

Warehouse Phone: (480)-968-8333