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the best selection of costa rican coffee

We are proud to say we have a selection of some of the best coffees Costa Rica has to offer. We are born and raised from Costa Rica, coming from 3 generations of coffee pickers. Every batch of our coffee is roasted with the ultimate care &  precision to bring out each unique flavor in every cup you drink. 

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Directly from Volcan Azul, Costa Rica. 🇨🇷

Volcan Azul Red produces a great cup of coffee! I love the tie you all bring together farmers too, thanks for sharing the story and process. I love all your coffee.

Dereck S.

I’ve become a coffee snob thanks to Cortez.  There is no comparison to their coffee. The “clean” taste from Cortez is definitely noticed. Beans from the “chain” taste dirty and stale. 

Jaime T.

I love Cortez Coffee because its so clean and pure every time. One of the few coffees I can drink all day every day. Their selection of Costa Rican coffees is un-comparable to others!

Patrick C.

family owned. farmer driven.

We are different than most coffee companies. Founded and operated by the family of Ron Cortez, a Costa Rican native and retired planation worker that makes friendships with the world's talented coffee farmers from around the world. We carefully select coffee growers and partners that share passion and sustainable production practices.

Each batch of coffee we import is roasted with precision by our expert roasters. We've perfected our practices for the past 25 years, ensuring a consistently delicious beverage in every cup you drink.

From our family to yours, we promise a selection of delicious & memorable coffees while always valuing our talented coffee producers along the way. Taste the difference today!

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Costa Rica, Volcan Azul Sampler Trio

A trio of some of the best coffees Costa Rica has to offer. Grown in volcanic soil in the Poas Volcano region of Volcan Azul. Known to be the best Costa Rican Single Estate; refined by over 200 years of specialty coffee trading.

You will receive: 
4oz of Costa Rica Tarrazu
4oz of Costa Rica Red Honey
4oz of Costa Rica Peaberry

First time special offer: $15 (a $32 value!)

Cortez Coffee Company

pura vida!  

Hi I'm Ron Cortez, founder of Cortez Coffee. Cortez Coffee started as the dream of changing our lives and the world of coffee. It succeeded when we fell in love with the craft of roasting. All this became a reality in the mid-nineties, when we purchased our first coffee roaster. We started what has become a life-long journey of learning the truth about coffee in all aspects. 🔬

I grew up in the heartland of one of the best coffee growing regions of the world, Costa Rica. Throughout my life my family has been devoted to everything coffee. My father was a plantation worker, my grandfather was a plantation worker, and I even eventually became a plantation worker! This has allowed me to have a unique perspective on the coffee industry. ☕

We believe you should always value the farmer. Make friendships with them, partner with them to understand their practices, and work with them to make amazing coffee that will satisfy even the most demanding palates. We are able to make unique partnerships with our farmers, pay them more than fairly, and be motivated by improving the quality of our coffees every single yield. It is what we have been doing since 1993. ❤️

From my family to yours, we promise an outstanding coffee beverage backed by research, human connection, and perseverance. I have put together a collection of 3 amazing micro-lots from Costa Rica from one of our most talented partners, Volcan Azul. To welcome you to our famila, we are offering a special price for some truly amazing coffees. Pura Vida! 🇨🇷

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