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Espresso Primo 12 Month Gift Subscription

Espresso Primo 12 Month Gift Subscription

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  • You gift recipient will receive one pound of coffee every month.
  • You will be charged all up-front, including all shipping charges
  • We ship out to your recipient every month on the date that you placed your order. After 12 months, the subscription will be canceled and your recipient can choose to start their own subscription!  

Coffee Information: 


One of the most difficult challenges of a roastmaster is to craft an amazing espresso that pleases a whole crowd. Primo is designed using natural coffees for sweetness and results in sweet chocolate notes, bold aromas, and a smooth floral finish.

Roast: Medium

Blend: Costa Rica (Volcansito), Cameroon Boyo, & Colombia Supremo

Suggested Brew Methods: Drip, Espresso


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