Rotating Single Origin 12 Month Gift Subscription

Discounted 15% from regular retail price!
  • You gift recipient will receive one pound of a random single origin every month.
  • You will be charged all up-front, including all shipping charges
  • We ship out to your recipient every month on the date that you placed your order. After 12 months, the subscription will be canceled and your recipient can choose to start their own subscription!  

Coffee's your recipient may receive throughout the subscription duration:

  • Peru
  • Cameroon Boyo
  • Cameroon Alonsi
  • Papua New Guinea
  • Kenya Abundancia AA
  • Costa Rica Volcansito (West Valley Blend)
  • Costa Rica Volcan Azul (Random processes are sent out. They include Mild Honey, Yellow Honey, Black Honey, Red Honey, and Fully Washed!)
  • Ethiopia Yirgacheffe
  • Ethiopia Sidamo
  • Nepal
  • Uganda
  • Sumatra Red Goni

Please note: Our process of selecting origins to send to your recipient is completely random. There is a slim chance your recipient could receive the same coffee.