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Roasting Excellence Since '93
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Rotating Single Origin 3 Month Gift Subscription

Rotating Single Origin 3 Month Gift Subscription

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  • You gift recipient will receive one pound of a random single origin every month.
  • You will be charged all up-front, including all shipping charges
  • We ship out to your recipient every month on the date that you placed your order. After 3 months, the subscription will be canceled and your recipient can choose to start their own subscription!  

Coffee's your recipient may receive throughout the subscription duration:

  • Peru
  • Cameroon Boyo
  • Cameroon Alonsi
  • Papua New Guinea
  • Kenya Abundancia AA
  • Costa Rica Volcansito (West Valley Blend)
  • Costa Rica Volcan Azul (Random processes are sent out. They include Mild Honey, Yellow Honey, Black Honey, Red Honey, and Fully Washed!)
  • Ethiopia Yirgacheffe
  • Ethiopia Sidamo
  • Nepal
  • Uganda
  • Sumatra Red Goni

Please note: Our process of selecting origins to send to your recipient is completely random. There is a slim chance your recipient could receive the same coffee. 


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