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Finca Amalita Sun Dried Parchment Retail Beans Cortez Coffee

Finca Amalita Sun Dried Parchment

Our latest drop from Finca Amalita! This coffee was sun-dried for many days and left in parchment before being milled. Parchment is a layer of the coffee's anatomy that is usually removed. We retained it to preserve the raw coffee, utilizing it as a protective barrier against environmental factors such as humidity, air, light, and temperature. At the final stage of processing, it was milled and shipped directly to our roastery. We then roasted this coffee light. The result is an exceptionally smooth and clean cup of coffee, completely free of bitterness. This coffee yields a very light and delicate cup with notes of caramel and delicate citrus. It makes for an AMAZING cold brew, and a great pour over.

Flavor Profile 

A super smooth cup with notes of caramel and delicate citrus.


  • Light roast
  • Smooth acidity
  • Sweet and balanced
  • Great for pour over and cold brew

Origin Info 

  • Origin: Naranjo, Costa Rica
  • Elevation: 1600m
  • Variety: Villa Sarchi
  • Process: Sun Dried Parchment
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