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Cacao (With a Kick!) - The Spice Guy AZ Cortez Coffee Company

Cacao (With a Kick!) - The Spice Guy AZ

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We partnered with one of our long-time friends, Jeremy, known as The Spice Guy AZ, to create delicious spices you can use in the kitchen with our freshly roasted coffee and cacao!


Cacao with a Kick comes from the finest cacao beans. Harvested in Africa, the family opened a distribution center in Los Angeles. This means you get quality cacao from a multi-generational family source, ensuring that quality and cost are not compromised.


Cacao with a Kick is enriched with the best natural chocolate combined with a lingering chili spice on your tongue, providing just the right amount of kick. Try it on beef, potatoes, chicken, and more. It’s our favorite spice to use when grilling Korean short ribs.