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The OG Coffee Spice - The Spice Guy AZ Cortez Coffee Company

The OG Coffee Spice - The Spice Guy AZ

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We partnered with one of our long-time friends, Jeremy, known as The Spice Guy AZ, to create delicious spices you can use in the kitchen with our freshly roasted coffee and cacao!


The Original is the spice that started it all. After searching high and low across Arizona for the perfect combination of a local roaster and the best coffee, Jeremy, The Spice Guy, stumbled upon us at our Tempe location. Ron Cortez and Jeremy quickly became friends, and after nearly a decade of friendship, Jeremy found inspiration to create a spice with a coffee base… and as they say, the rest is history.

Using the finest coffee beans, The Spice Guy combines his Spanish roots with coffee to create this unique spice blend. Inspired by his vegetarian daughter, The Spice Guy discovered that it can be added to anything. When a cousin tried it on ice cream, he realized there really is “no limit to what it can go on,” which led to the creation of The Spice Guy AZ’s logo. The Original is a favorite on everything. Try it for yourself and see!