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Mr. White
Keysha Montoya
Best coffee ever!

I refuse to drink anything else. My husband and I got new espresso machines and this is the only coffee we use and it’s amazing! All flavors are rich and unique but all so delicious!

Espresso Apex
Larry Martinez
Amazing Coffee

We absolutely love the coffee from Cortez. It’s always so fresh and tastes delicious! We also love that we’re supporting a local business!!

Treat yourself!

For me this coffee is a swisher, not a sipper. The notes are enigmatic; subtle yet definite. I kept going in for another try, but my vocabulary failed and my cup emptied. I am so happy I tried this one! It is so pleasing.

Cortez Primo
Ana Baquero

We discovered your Primo beans at Songbird Coffeehouse in Phoenix. Their lattes were so delicious we had to make sure we keep enjoying it at home. Thank you

Best Arizona Roaster that lives for the bean!

Man this absolutely delicious! I'm highly impressed and drawn to try all regions, beans and styles. Thanks - JLD

Cortez Primo
Alex M.
Primo is Delicious!

I've been getting a bag of the Primo blend for a couple weeks now. Always fresh and always delicious!

Cortez Primo
Andrew Martin
Cortez Primo

I'll start by saying the coffee was good. The flavor was there but I like it a bit stronger. We utilize a Jura coffee maker that grinds the beans and uses the same measurement each time. I am on the search of a subscription coffee plan as the one I currently use has retired. Will try another Cortez blend that is maybe a bit stronger

Amazing coffee

First, my order shipped the same day I ordered and arrived quickly and in great condition.

About the coffee - I loved it. This coffee is delicious. Earthy and tangy. The roast is on the lighter side for my tastes, though it still works well with some half and half, if that is your thing. I will likely buy some more before this "nano-lot" of Cameroon Boyo coffee is gone.

Another bonus is the "More than Fair" trade terms Cortez Coffee practices. One can feel good that a good portion of the purchase price actually goes to the origins of the coffee.

Worth the price?

This was the question I asked when a friend of mine posted on a group chat. @ $27/lb is it worth it. He said he thought so. I scoffed…. Only to buy two lbs to try. First pour over was sublime. My wife and I have a new favorite.

Very smooth coffee

This coffee has a very nice flavor; however, it still doesn’t have the robust mouth feel that can hold up to half-and-half I’m looking for.

Mr. White
Michael Noggle

All coffees are excellent.

Rich in body and nice smooth finish

Cortez Primo
Simply fantastic

Primo has quickly become one of my favorites. I love the roasty flavor and medium-dark notes. Great coffee, as always.

Himalayan, Nepal
Danny Ryan

Himalayan, Nepal

Best Coffee Ever

Ever since we bought our first bag of Cortez coffee, we have been absolutely in love with the company and the company. The coffees are complex, and there are enough varieties to please every palate. We love the Red Honey and Apex varieties the best. They are everything we are looking for in a coffee, and more. Every bag we receive is of the highest quality. Our order always ships within 24 hours, and it arrives just as quickly. Highly recommend this company and their products - you won’t regret it!

Volcan Azul Costa Rica

It is so amazing ! The flavor is out of this world ! This now is my fav coffee ! Little sweet little rum tasting gotta have it !

Casa Blend
Meghan Ryan
It was a gift

It was a gift for a friend in Canada I had to ship it to, so neither of us have tried it, as she hasn’t gotten it yet!
However it sounds good and I’m getting some in an order that my friend Anya is making for us to consolidate shipping, as I got some of your C.R. peaberry beans for her in my last order!

Casa Blend
Dawn Grove

Very tasty and smooth . I prefer a bit more full bodied coffee

Apex espresso

It tastes really nice and clean, and quite like the description for the body of the coffee and feel of it in the mouth is lasting.
I’ve made it with my aeropress and French press also (so while not the purist version) the flavours have come out nicely for the morning and afternoon, satisfying after a VERY LONG RUN!

Cortez Primo
A Whalen Devon
Love it!

Great coffee. Great people.

Mr. White
Linda Wolford
The best !

My fav coffee !!

Espresso Apex
Gwen Bonar
Apex Forever

I have flirted with different Cortez Coffees and always come back to Apex! I love this Coffee, it is so balanced and smooth and those caramel undertones are what dreams are made of. Thank you Cortez Coffee!

Cortez Primo
Steven Valinski
Makes a Primo Cup

Great beans, great roast. Makes excellent cappuccino. Very smooth.

Volcan Azul Sampler
Alecia King

I love the first bag, cant wait to try the others. Thank you!

Roberto Murillo

Wedding coffee was delicious. Everyone commented on the great taste. Thank you so much for helping us.

Roberto and Terry Murillo