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Tried the Casa Blend as an espresso and loved it.


I bought multiple gift boxes for holiday presents for avid coffee drinkers. When asked how they liked their coffee, it was hands down the same reply, "This is really, really good coffee!" Couldn't be happier on all accounts!

Casa Blend
Vernon Hebert

Casa Blend

Cortez Coffee and Midge Chocolates make great gifts!

This December, I purchased the Chocolate Lover's Bundle and a bundle of 4 single origin coffees, plus some extra chocolate. I rearranged the bundles a bit, to gift, and kept one bag of beans and a chocolate bar for our house, too. Deliciousness for our two grown kids and ourselves! I like to support local businesses and share all the goodness our area has to offer....
....So glad Cortez Coffee is local deliciousness!

Awesome - primo is always enjoyed.

Can’t go wrong with Primo.

Wonderful, as always

Always exceptional coffee from Cortez. My personal taste leans toward earthy flavors, and this coffee hits that spot for me.

Smooth and fruity

The first thing I noticed when I opened the bag was just a smooth smell and then when I ground it that same smell enhanced almost buttery and sweet. I use it in my espresso machine, and the coffee is excellent. The smell of the coffee continues to have that smooth aroma, but the taste is fruity. As I’m expanding my pallet buying more and more different roasted coffee‘s, it’s amazing how many different coffee flavors There are. It just isn’t dark and French roast anymore! I like that they put the name of the farmer and organization that’s raising the coffee. It’s nice to be able to support growers who take great pride in their craft.

French Roast
Monina Uhlig
French ROAST

I always enjoy the fresh roasted beans of French roast from Cortez.

Don’t know. Giving as a Xmas gift.

Love it!

Whenever I visit my family in Phoenix we always go to the Original Breakfast House. The coffee there is always so good. On my last visit I finally asked what brand it was. The server gave us the name and a little bit of history about this local roaster. If I could afford to make this my every day coffee I would! I love it!

Single Origin Sampler
Sharron Thames
Perfect Gift

My order arrived today & I am so pleased with these coffees & cocoa. This will make nice gifts for friends. Each coffee is unique & has distinct flavors. Having been a customer of Cortez Coffee Co. for 20+ years, I know everybody will be delighted with these coffes & for a couple friends, the cocoa…& there’ll be smiles all around.
Thank you Ronald & crew!
(#1 fan)
Sharron Thames

Red Honey

It is great

Primo Coffee Spread
Cory James Puhl

Primo Coffee Spread

Volcan Azul, Costa Rica Peaberry

Colombia Timana
Immanuel Root
Best Colombian

Hands down the best Colombian coffee i have tried to date.... so balanced!

Cameroon Boyo Natural
Immanuel Root
Exceptional Profile

What a refreshing find! I love natural process coffee, this one is a wonderful diversion from the more common fruity profiles one finds in a natural. The citrus come through without being overpowering. I will recommend this coffee!


Always love your coffee esp the red honey

Cortez Primo
Fabulous favor!

This my favorite coffee! It has amazing flavor!

Delicious as always.

Great espresso. Super fast delivery. Great promos. Thank you

Cortez Primo

Cortez Primo

Cortez Primo
Larry Martinez
Excellent for drip and espresso

We absolutely love the Primo from Cortez. The beans are so fresh! Every time to go to buy coffee they treat us like one of the family. Excellent customer service!

My Love for your French Roast is over the top!

My Love for your French Roast is ta dah! Perfect every time. I promise I will get to Peabody shortly!
So glad Patrick got to meet my Brother Craig the WA Coffee Snob! I gave him half of my coffee order so I will be in touch!

Mr. White
Keysha Montoya
Best coffee ever!

I refuse to drink anything else. My husband and I got new espresso machines and this is the only coffee we use and it’s amazing! All flavors are rich and unique but all so delicious!

Espresso Apex
Larry Martinez
Amazing Coffee

We absolutely love the coffee from Cortez. It’s always so fresh and tastes delicious! We also love that we’re supporting a local business!!

Treat yourself!

For me this coffee is a swisher, not a sipper. The notes are enigmatic; subtle yet definite. I kept going in for another try, but my vocabulary failed and my cup emptied. I am so happy I tried this one! It is so pleasing.