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Nepal Semi-Washed
Great coffee

Very good coffee! Nice approachable light roast for people new to them. Will definitely buy more.

Cortez Primo Sample
Peter Sherry
Cortez coffee sample

My wife and I have been using Dunkin coffee for years but decided to try Cortez because our favorite breakfast restaurant serves it. We were not very happy with the flavor. Perhaps the restaurant serves a different flavor of Cortez. We’re glad we tried it anyway.

Cortez Primo
Joseph Williams
Ron nails it again!

After being wholly impressed by 5lbs of the Volcano Azul I decided try the Primo and it does not disappoint! Smooth, round and bursting with full spectrum flavor Cortez Primo is excellent at any price.

Nepal Semi-Washed
Great light roast

Not very acidic like light roasts usually are. It has slight acidity which improves with a finer grind for french press. Has a creamy slight rich taste to balance out the acidity. Not bitter at all. Great for a light roast, I almost didn't buy as it was a light roast, but very good even for those who like darker roast! FYI I miss your Sumatra, please bring it back!!!

Very good coffee!

This is very good coffee. Heavy in the flavors advertised. Roast was consistent as was the bean size.

Volcan Azul Tarrazu

The Perfect Flavor Profile

Deep red wine notes, perfectly balanced with a fruity top, definitely a favorite.

Cortez Diner Mug
Mariel Hall

Thank you for your prompt shipping and always fresh products. Nothing like Cortez! 😍😍😍

Cortez Primo
Thao Kriel
The best coffee ever!

It’s probably the best coffee ever! Smooth and nutty!

Cortez Primo
Brandon N.
Absolutely fantastic.

It's very, very difficult to find an extremely passionate group of people like the folk at Cortez coffee. They truly make you feel like you're apart of the family, and make sure you get the right product for your palate. Ron is an absolute gentlemen in the coffee industry, and it's a shame not everyone is the same. Vast knowledge, helpful tips and incredible selection that's all curated in house.

A true coffee aficionado will appreciate the finer details. Many thanks for your decades of passion and work Ron. It shows greatly.

I tried the Colombian Coffee. It was good, but I prefer more a coffee taste. Was a little too Fruity for me

Azul Red Honey

Excellent coffee.

Cortez Primo
Wendy Mahler
Love this coffee

This coffee is the best! Happiness in a cup.

Cortez Favorites Bundle
Shannon Wilkes
So smooth

Very impressed with the light roast Pura Vida. Haven't had a chance to sample the others, but I'm excited about these coffees.

Best part of waking up!!

Now that I know that “Pura Vida Dark Roast” is the rebrand of I think French Press I’m a super happy camper… the flavors in this coffee are so full and bold. I truly look forward to grinding it up and brewing over the stove in the morning!! Never thought I’d find a brew that I enjoyed as much if not more than Cortez Primo.


It tastes like most light roasted natural processed coffee I've had. Maybe a little less tart, but pretty much the same.
If you haven't had natural processed coffee before, it's not restaurant coffee. It's a lighter flavor and it tastes more like what it is, a seed inside some fruit.
I have mine pour over or with an aeropress. It would probably be similar in a drip machine. I've had other light roasted natural processed coffee made in an espresso machine and I don't think it does it justice. You'll be better off just getting an espresso coffee for that.

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Linda Tiller

I love Red Honey and this is great.

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Randy Williams

Would like to see the 3-lb. bag again! Love this stuff

Cortez Primo
Lyzbeth Diaz Bandera

Cortez Primo

Volcan Azul Tarrazu
Cindee Tarsha
Always smooth and delicious

Best I’ve found!

Nepal Semi-Washed
Anne Murray
Lighter roast-full of flavor!

Nepal is a lighter roast with a smooth, nutty flavor--it is an ideal choice to start and end the day! It also makes a great 50/50 blend with the Cortez Siesta Decaf. Highly recommended.


There's nothing like treating yourself to a supremely delicious cup of coffee to brighten a week day or to kick off a relaxing weekend. Love supporting this local brand that produces excellent coffee!

New favorite.

I have tried several coffees now from Cortez. And have landed on Costa Rica Hacienda Colima Natural for my daily pour over. And I've decided on the Cortez Primo for my espresso. After trying coffees from multiple Roasters around the valley. I have landed here with Cortez. their coffee Brews up consistently and continues to have a good flavor, even at the end of the bag. I'm very happy that I found this roaster.

Cortez Primo
Cynthia Jefferson
We love your coffee!

We learned about your coffee while visiting Phoenix last year. So glad we can have it delivered and enjoy it at home in the PNW.

Cortez Primo
Kevin Rose
great coffee

bought the primo for espresso. the blend is very good. i use it for cappucino, and it comes through with great smooth, chocolatey flavor. will definitely buy again.