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Pleasantly surprised by this blend. Very good!

Smells Amazing

When I opened the package it shipped in I LOVED THE SMELL.. So fresh amd yummy.. I have yet to make me some coffee I want to be able to sit and enjoy it.. Thank You for all the work put into making this product..πŸ™‚

Cortez Primo
Favorite espresso right now

Best way to start the day well, high end, luxurious feeling crema, watching it pour is a show by itself. Frankly love everything about it great tasting and smelling coffee!

volcan azul peaberry is awesome

grate aroma, rich crema, flavorful, one of my favorites.

Cortez Primo 4oz
Carl Freberg

Nutty fruity full flavor fresh

Volcan Azul Red Honey
Randy Williams
Honey Red

I am hooked on the Primo but I foresee Honey Red in the rotation.

Cortez Primo 4oz
Jim Rambo

Sorry but way too mild for my taste.

Summer Hustle
Dereck S
Give this a try - the hustle is real.

Appreciated the smooth blend Colombian beans and flavors brought forward. Tried so far with drip, espresso, and moka pot. Excited to try for cold brew.

Cortez Primo 4oz
melissa reed
Cortez primo

Delicious! Smooth and robust. Not too acidic. I will be ordering soon. Tysm for the sample. PS the bag that the sample came in.

Fantastic coffee

Tastes great as pour over and French press. Smooth and satisfying.

Delicious coffee

Makes great tasting coffee in pour over brew. Has a sweet and floral taste that sparkles. Would recommend for those who like a delicious light roast.

Reliable great flavor

Never tastes over roasted, consistent rich flavor which our family enjoys.

Cortez Primo 4oz
Peggy Brown

Cortez Primo 4oz

Cortez Primo 4oz
Tony Golding
I'm Enjoying My Cortez Coffee

I ordered the 4 oz sample size and have been using our reusable Keurig pod to enjoy it. Satisfied customer here! May be ordering larger size soon. PS - There was a handwritten note thanking me for my purchase. Nice touch!

Cortez Primo 4oz
Bill Wright
Great coffee!

I ordered more. Trying the dark roast.

Summer Hustle
Cindee Tarsha

bright and happy

Summer Hustle
Linda Wolford

Little strong flavor


So flavorful and aromatic - absolutely delightful coffee!

Great coffee

This is great high quality coffee for those who has an adventurous taste bud. It’s a nice one to mix onto my rotation every now and then for a unique experience.

My favorite coffee

I love the VOLCAN AZUL TARRAZU, my favorite along with the Nepal. I look forward to my mornings with this selection.

not bitter at all, but a bit acidic

This coffee would be great for those who like a bit more acidity in their coffee. It has a medium level of acidity. too much for my taste. I like mine more earthy and nutty tasting and this is more bright and acidic. It has a slight sweetness to it too. I used a french press to brew it with well water with a finer grind. Finer grinds help with overly acidic coffee. I wouldn't say it's overly acidic though. It has a balanced taste for those who like their coffee this way.

Good coffee

High quality coffee with fast shipping. Not my favorite among the Cortez Coffee selection but it’s a good one to have in the mix when I want something different.

Cortez Primo 4oz
Patrick Celaya
Absolutely Delicious

I was blown away by the smoothness of the Primo. Amazing coffee, will be ordering again!

Cortez Primo
Dereck S up to the definition

Primo's smoothness is what got my wife to start drinking coffee. It is now a family, friend, and coworker favorite too. We take Primo on trips with us, so Cortez coffee has travelled a small part of the 🌎 with us. πŸ˜€

Nepal Semi-Washed
Great coffee

Very good coffee! Nice approachable light roast for people new to them. Will definitely buy more.