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Best Coffee Ever

Ever since we bought our first bag of Cortez coffee, we have been absolutely in love with the company and the company. The coffees are complex, and there are enough varieties to please every palate. We love the Red Honey and Apex varieties the best. They are everything we are looking for in a coffee, and more. Every bag we receive is of the highest quality. Our order always ships within 24 hours, and it arrives just as quickly. Highly recommend this company and their products - you won’t regret it!

Volcan Azul Costa Rica

It is so amazing ! The flavor is out of this world ! This now is my fav coffee ! Little sweet little rum tasting gotta have it !

It was a gift

It was a gift for a friend in Canada I had to ship it to, so neither of us have tried it, as she hasn’t gotten it yet!
However it sounds good and I’m getting some in an order that my friend Anya is making for us to consolidate shipping, as I got some of your C.R. peaberry beans for her in my last order!


Very tasty and smooth . I prefer a bit more full bodied coffee

Apex espresso

It tastes really nice and clean, and quite like the description for the body of the coffee and feel of it in the mouth is lasting.
I’ve made it with my aeropress and French press also (so while not the purist version) the flavours have come out nicely for the morning and afternoon, satisfying after a VERY LONG RUN!

Love it!

Great coffee. Great people.

The best !

My fav coffee !!

Apex Forever

I have flirted with different Cortez Coffees and always come back to Apex! I love this Coffee, it is so balanced and smooth and those caramel undertones are what dreams are made of. Thank you Cortez Coffee!

Makes a Primo Cup

Great beans, great roast. Makes excellent cappuccino. Very smooth.

I love the first bag, cant wait to try the others. Thank you!


Wedding coffee was delicious. Everyone commented on the great taste. Thank you so much for helping us.

Roberto and Terry Murillo

I love this sampler, some of my favorite coffees

I love the variety of this sampler and the coffees are FANTASTIC. I can't quite decide which is my favorite of the three, but leaning toward the red honey. Thanks again for the amazing coffee!

Enjoy this!

At breakfast in our Kathmandu hotel, I thoroughly enjoyed the coffee being served. I told the waiter how much I enjoyed their coffee and asked if he knew where they got it. He pointed north and said "...out in the mountains." They got it local! I was surprised --- I hadn't previously known Nepal was a coffee producing country. While my home kitchen isn't quite like that quaint hotel coffee shop, I can still enjoy this coffee I ordered from Cortez. It is marvelous

Gourmet Chocolate Treat

My son purchased this Gourmet Chocolate Gift box for me. What a delicious treat! I have had the coffee many times but this is my first time having the chocolates. Glad this is available online for purchase as I live in Illinois and my son will be graduating from ASU this year! Otherwise I would loose out from enjoying your delicious coffee and chocolates!

Fn Awesome!

Best coffee ever

No judgment yet !

I bought two bags of coffee, and they were fresh and roasted at the same day I got them. Honestly, I don’t like new roast coffee that didn’t have a rest period, they’re full of gasses (carbon dioxide) that because of the roasting. It was difficult to dial in since its too frsh, also its too difficult to taste the notes of the coffee.
I didn’t want to give a bad or good review yet to be fair. If I’d buy coffee again, I’d get an old roast like 10-14 days after roasting will be a good time to pull great shots.

I'm in love

I'm in love with this stuff. As a fellow coffee roaster I appreciate the time and care that goes in to creating a fantastic blend

Really tasty!

First sip tastes like the last sip. No bitterness, no flat acid flavor. Just delicious. My letter carrier told me she knew it was coffee she was delivering to me. She said, "You should smell my truck!".

Have not received order yet.

I've order many times without any problems or delays, this time I am still waiting for the delivery of my product :(

Hi Susan,

We apologize on not receiving your order. We just checked the tracking and it looks like the package was delayed by USPS but still in transit. We do our best to send out the coffee as fast as possible, but unfortunately sometimes there are delays with shipping companies. I will be following up with an email shortly. Thank you Susan!


Perfect....Always perfect! Primo, and this time also tried Yellow Honey. Your customer service is just as wonderful as your coffee. Thank you Ron!

French Roast fabulous

This is my favorite. Sometimes I mix it with the house blend.

32 oz Primo Stimulant Package

One of our favorite coffees

Love this coffee and keep coming back to it after trying a sample. Even though it's noted as being a light roast, it has wonderful bold roasty notes. Simply delicious.

Volcan Azul, Costa Rica (Red Honey)