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Cortez Primo
Kevin Roos

Outstanding quality, and great customer service. So easy to order online.

Espresso Apex
Michelle Hingst

Friend suggested your coffee and I am not disappointed! Delicious!

Nepal Himalayan
Silvestre Castillo
I loved it, very good taste

I like coffee and this one in particular is the best I have ever tasted, the flavor, the roast, it is perfect

Single Origin Explorer Bundle


It was actually so good, and exactly to the description! I loved that it did have a deeper taste in the aromas of a dark roast, but it wasn’t smoky or overly roasted either.
It had a smooth, medium finish but with the richness that you’d expect from a dark roast in the chocolate nuttiness flavor!

Really wonderful coffee (and people!)

Cortez coffee is superb! My partner is obsessed with their decaf! I got their Costa Rica Volcun Peaberry beans and they have made wonderful ice coffee and cold brew! The team is also really nice, knowledgeable, and always ready with the best recommendations!

Colombia Natural
Williams Romero

Colombia Natural

Siesta Decaf
Edward J Russell
Great coffee

We loved all three selections. You can taste the difference between each of the three coffees

Best local roaster

I've been buying Cortez beans for about 6 years now, and will likely keep doing it for 6 more plus.

Cortez Primo
Randy Williams

I drink espresso. The beans are fresh and the taste is magnificent. Timely shipment!

Great coffee.

Much more flavor and depth. Decaf is a best kept secret. It is so good.

Nepal Himalayan
Cindee Tarsha
Delicious, nutty and fresh

Loved the coffee!

Cortez Primo
Great coffee and great service

Tried the Primo this time and it was excellent. Finally purchased a burr grinder and appreciate the nuances you get in flavor with high quality coffee like this.

Cortez Primo
Luis Garibay
Excelent coffee

I love the flavor and smell

Single Origin Explorer Bundle

Siesta Decaf
Dustin Martin

Siesta Decaf

Nepal Himalayan
Devin Harley

Relatively low acidity. Tasting notes are accurate. Lot of static with the grind. It was quite unusual. Not an offensive coffee, but not something I'd seek out. It was shipped quickly, which was appreciated.

Colombia Natural
Christy Borer

It was way too fruity. I didn’t care for it at all

Delicious Coffee

Delicious coffee, came in a recyclable bag with minimal shipping packaging. Arrived very quickly.

Pura Vida Dark Roast

Cameroon Boyo Natural

Delicious coffee will be back for more!

I ordered 2 flavors of coffee (Pura Vida dark roast & the Red Honey) based on a friend's review and I was blown away! I've been searching so long for a rich, flavorful coffee and I've finally found it! I loved that the package was marked with the date it was packaged, you can taste & smell the freshness. I have already recommended Cortez Coffee to several friends and family members. We'll absolutely be coming back to order more!


Amazing COFFEE! Stellar customer service!

Cortez Diner Mug
Sandra J Luck
Amazing coffee

We love the coffee in the mug! Loved the chocolate too! Thank you for a great visit!

Mr. White
fnu iswahyudi
roasted bean is not even

roasted bean is not even, some bean looks harvest unripe

Hi there,

This is Patrick from Cortez Coffee. I am so sorry to hear about this! We use a Costa Rican blend called 'Volcancito' for Mr. White. It is roasted very lightly to retain a large caffeine content. Since the roast has little development the roast can appear 'uneven'. We are happy to send over some samples of other coffees we have if you are unsatisfied with Mr. White! I will send up a follow up email to make this right.

Thank you,