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Costa Rica Amalita Nano Blend


We are thrilled to introduce the inaugural release from our family-owned farm Finca Amalita, a 17-acre farm located in Naranjo, Costa Rica. With more than 10 distinct nano-lots cultivated and numerous experimental processes underway, we anticipate offering a myriad of unique flavors for years to come. Our premiere offering is a unique "Nano-Blend", a meticulous blend of yellow honey and natural varieties. Every batch is grown by us and then expertly processed by Alejo Castro of Volcan Azul. We receive our coffee directly at our roastery, where we roast it to perfection. In close collaboration with our farm, we oversee the entire coffee journey, from seed to your cup. We promise you an unparalleled coffee experience unlike any other. 

Flavor Profile 

After months of experimenting, our Costa Rica Amalita Nano-Blend is ready to excite the senses, with its front notes of peach and molasses morphing to complex undertones of rum. We invite you to explore its distinctive, invigorating flavors and let us know what you think!


  • Medium roast
  • Pleasant acidity
  • Sweet body
  • Great for pour over and experimental espressos

Origin Info 

  • Origin: Naranjo, Costa Rica
  • Elevation: 1600m
  • Variety: Sarchimor
  • Process: Patio Dried Yellow Honey & Natural Blend


Farm Story: In 2020, our family acquired Finca Amalita, which had coffee plants already planted in inadequate conditions. We've spent two years carefully restoring the plants to health, utilizing our own bespoke natural fertilizers and tender loving care. Once everything was ready, we experimented with a selection of processing methods such as yellow honey, carbonic maceration, and naturals. We collaborated with our friend Alejo Castro from Volcan Azul to get this coffee into the United States after two years of hard work. We look forward to releasing a variety of unique nano-lots in the coming years.

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