family owned.
farmer driven.

since 1993.

created by a coffee kid from costa rica.

Ron Cortez, a coffee kid born in the coffee fields of Costa Rica, moved to the United States to create a coffee company rooted in sustainability and driven by quality. Since buying our first roaster in 1993, we have been on a journey of making friendships with ambitious coffee farmers looking to improve their yields every year. 

more than fair certified.

Our unique perspective on the coffee industry has allowed us to connect with small coffee farmers and show them appreciation for their excellent coffee yields. We call our sustainability model "More Than Fair", which strives to value the farmer among all aspects of the supply chain, paying our partners on average 200% more per pound compared to the current Fair Trade minimum. 

making friendships with farmers

Every year, our coffee gets better and better as our farmers perfect the coffee growing and harvesting processes, utilizing the latest harvesting technologies. Our coffees are constantly analyzed in our coffee laboratory where we meticulously roast each coffee to highlight each crop's unique characteristics.

roasted with percision.

We roast their coffees with precision with methods backed by our coffee laboratory. We meticulously roast every batch to highlight each coffees unique flavors coming from the farmer's dedication to the coffee.