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Gabe G.

I tried many roasters, local and non local but Cortez kept delivering delicious coffee every time! PRIMO is a go to for overall balance and great taste. Highly recommended!

Elizabeth W.

First sip tastes like the last sip. No bitterness, no flat acid flavor. Just delicious. My letter carrier told me she knew it was coffee she was delivering to me. She said, "You should smell my truck!"

Christine L.

Thank you Cortez for providing us with the perfect cup of coffee every morning and afternoon. Also, the shipping is so fast, when we ran out and I panicked and moved up our ship date, it arrived the next day!


I have no idea how you and your team do it but such fast delivery is impressive! Honestly, I am not sure I can go back to regular coffee, the daily experience of drinking such a high-quality is too enjoyable. 

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extraordinary value, exceptional coffee

Our price per ounce reflects some of the best pricing for specialty coffee in the industry. We sell our coffee in 16oz bags, not 12oz like most other coffee companies. We focus on providing you with delicious coffees without the extra fluff to give you the best bang for your buck. Skip the line at that hipster cafe and become your own at home barista. Your wallet will thank you!

we aren't fair trade. we are more than fair.

We typically pay our farmers 4 times as much per pound than the fair trade minimum. We are farmer focused and quality driven. We ask the farmer what a fair price is for their crop, then shake hands. Together we can win and provide delicious coffees to our patrons.

support local

We are a family owned and operated business. Our lives are dedicated to providing you with amazing coffee, from our family to yours!