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Artisan Hot Cocoa
Augustine Baron
Good cocoa

The cocoa was tasty with a hint of cinnamon coming through. I probably need to experiment with the proportions to increase the depth of flavor. But the ingredients are of good quality.

I'm still waiting, but excited to try it!

I haven't received either order, but am very excited to try your coffee. I've only ever heard great things about it.

Cortez Primo
Clifford Bernard
Primo is correct

Order arrived promptly. The coffee is a delicious blend, not over-roasted, and a great balance and flavor. Definitely will be going back to Cortez again.

Delicious coffee

This dark roast makes amazing pour over. Smooth taste and clean finish. Love the packaging. Really like this flavor as well as the Nepal and Volcan Azul Tarrazu.

Nepal Himalayan
Tammy Pham
Amazing coffee

Really great tasting espresso. Pour over was really good as well. Fast shipping and freshly roasted.


Slightly acidic, but is medium roast so makes sense. No bitterness at all. Slightly sweet. I can drink it black! I DO PREFER THEIR SUMATRA THOUGH! still a good coffee.

Cortez Primo
Marta Lozano
Great tasting coffee

I enjoyed the taste. It light and smooth.


This Coffee is amazing. I love it!

Artisan Hot Cocoa
Cynthia Jefferson

We loved your coffee!

Cortez Primo
great customer service

I ordered a gift and it shipped to the incorrect address. Patrick sent out a new bag and he was quick to respond. Will buy again!

Cortez Primo
Susan Russell
Cortez Primo is the best.

I’ve been buying Primo from Cortez Coffee for over 20 years. It can’t be beat. I look forward to my morning cup of Primo. It makes my day.

Cortez Primo 32oz Stimulant Package
Cynthia Jefferson

I love your coffee!

Cortez Thermal Tumbler
Ivette Ehmann
Switched from Starbucks to Cortez coffee roasters

Best coffee hands down!

Nothing short of perfection

I keep hearing from the person I gifted this to, that it's just amazing. I've converted another person. Great for holiday season gifts.

I liked it

I buy more and more from local roasters, but still learning how to describe the various smells. But, this was smooth with some hints of fruit and rich. Not bitter. I used in my espresso machine — 18g, 2 oz pour, about 25 seconds.

Cortez Primo
Amy Smith
Absolutely Amazing!

Simply melted after taking that first smell of the Cortez Primo. Delicious blend, and looking forward to buying again and trying more blends! This will likely be the staple in our home.

Fabulously smooth Cortex Primo

We love the rich, full flavor of Cortez Primo!! This is fmy irst order placed on the web. Process was easy and prompt. Now we are happily enjoying Cortez on the East coast!

Mr. White
Patrick Celaya
Very unique

This is one of the most unique tasting coffees I’ve tried from Cortez. It’s super caffeinated, so if you’re sensitive to caffeine be careful! I love it! ❤️

cortez primo starter
Nadia Delery
Great coffee

This coffee tastes great! I was drinking one brand for 10 years but I was looking for something different so I decided to try this and I really loved it!

Cortez Primo 32oz Stimulant Package
Aaron Piedra
Best roaster hands down

Best coffee and service hands down

Cortez Embroidered T-Shirt
Patrick Celaya
High quality, super comfy!

These are some high quality shirts! The embroidered logo on the front really gives it a luxury feel.

cortez primo starter
michael nation


Genuinely one of the best coffees I’ve ever had.

I have had A LOT of different coffees, I was a coffee master at Starbucks before that program went away, and of the literally hundreds of different coffees I’ve had, this easily fits into the top 5. It’s definitely not the usual coffee flavor most people are used to, but that’s a good thing. This is a great coffee for people who want something different and special.

I personally make it as espresso but it’s great however you brew it. BE AWARE: This coffee packs a HECK of a punch. There’s a lot more caffeine in this than most coffees so be ready and account for that. If you’re sensitive to caffeine start with a smaller dose than you think you should.

My personal brew procedure on flair 58X:
•1:2 ratio (25 grams ground coffee, 50 grams espresso out)
•95°C water
•23 seconds pull

Cortez Primo
Robert Emmons
Great to be back

Ordered coffee beans somewhere else to save some money and soon realized we had made a mistake. Received our order of Primo a couple of days ago and it is great. Smooth going down and no bitter aftertaste. Thx.
R. Emmons

Cortez Collection Sampler
Cyrisse Russell
Good Cup Of Joe

Very good smooth coffees. Tired of the pedestrian coffee in the supermarket. This coffee is a rounded one, not the usual weak and bitter ones. Try it.