Mr. White

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VERY LIGHT ROAST, HIGHLY CAFFEINATED. This coffee is well known in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. Obtained by slow roasting coffee, the flavor is unique and unlike any other coffee. It produces an intense full-bodied beverage, with unique mouth feel. High caffeine content and a superb nutty flavor. Single origin from Kenya.

Origin: Santa Rosa del Cabal, Colombia
Variety: Caturra
Process: Washed
Brewing: Makes a peanut-butter like espresso. Nice for adding a dash to your regular coffee to increase caffeine content.
We Taste: Nutty, Buttery, Tea-Like

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since '93

more than fair certified

Ron Cortez, founder of Cortez Coffee and retired coffee picker, makes friendships with the world's most talented coffee farmers. On average, we pay 3-5x per pound compared to the current fair trade minimum.

roasted in small batches

Every batch is carefully & passionately roasted to bring out each origin's unique characteristics. Our unique air-roaster uses an indirect flame & the power of air to produce incredibly clean coffee with very little smoke contamination. Every batch is vigirously tested in our lab to ensure consistency and memorable taste.

family owned and operated

Our entire production team is ran by the Cortez family. Ron Cortez connects with coffee producers from around the world. His son, Patrick, roasts every batch of coffee. His two younger daughters hope to take over one day. From our family to yours, we promise outstanding coffee that is backed up by our passion and decades of experience in the industry.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Genuinely one of the best coffees I’ve ever had.

I have had A LOT of different coffees, I was a coffee master at Starbucks before that program went away, and of the literally hundreds of different coffees I’ve had, this easily fits into the top 5. It’s definitely not the usual coffee flavor most people are used to, but that’s a good thing. This is a great coffee for people who want something different and special.

I personally make it as espresso but it’s great however you brew it. BE AWARE: This coffee packs a HECK of a punch. There’s a lot more caffeine in this than most coffees so be ready and account for that. If you’re sensitive to caffeine start with a smaller dose than you think you should.

My personal brew procedure on flair 58X:
•1:2 ratio (25 grams ground coffee, 50 grams espresso out)
•95°C water
•23 seconds pull

fnu iswahyudi
roasted bean is not even

roasted bean is not even, some bean looks harvest unripe

Hi there,

This is Patrick from Cortez Coffee. I am so sorry to hear about this! We use a Costa Rican blend called 'Volcancito' for Mr. White. It is roasted very lightly to retain a large caffeine content. Since the roast has little development the roast can appear 'uneven'. We are happy to send over some samples of other coffees we have if you are unsatisfied with Mr. White! I will send up a follow up email to make this right.

Thank you,

Best coffee ever!

I refuse to drink anything else. My husband and I got new espresso machines and this is the only coffee we use and it’s amazing! All flavors are rich and unique but all so delicious!

Michael Noggle

All coffees are excellent.

Linda Wolford
The best !

My fav coffee !!