Cortez Primo

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Cortez Primo was created for all coffee lovers to enjoy. A versatile blend across all brewing methods, with sweet chocolate nutty notes following a subtle clean floral aftertaste. Cortez Primo pours delicious bold shots of espresso, but also makes a delicious sweet cup of drip coffee. It's our personal daily drinker at the roastery and also our best selling coffee! 

Origins: Costa Rica Volcancito, Cameroon Boyo, Nepal
Variety: Caturra Blend
Process: Washed
Brewing: Filter, Espresso
We Taste: Sweet, Chocolate, Floral Aftertaste

Cortez Primo is a great versatile coffee across all brewing methods. The blend was created for espresso, but is also sweet and clean on drip brewing methods. This is our first blend we ever created, and is always improving for a balanced blend that isn't too light or over-roasted. Primo means "cousin" in Spanish or "best". We created primo using coffees that work great together, and produce the best cup for any coffee lover to enjoy.

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since '93

more than fair certified

Ron Cortez, founder of Cortez Coffee and retired coffee picker, makes friendships with the world's most talented coffee farmers. On average, we pay 3-5x per pound compared to the current fair trade minimum.

roasted in small batches

Every batch is carefully & passionately roasted to bring out each origin's unique characteristics. Our unique air-roaster uses an indirect flame & the power of air to produce incredibly clean coffee with very little smoke contamination. Every batch is vigirously tested in our lab to ensure consistency and memorable taste.

family owned and operated

Our entire production team is ran by the Cortez family. Ron Cortez connects with coffee producers from around the world. His son, Patrick, roasts every batch of coffee. His two younger daughters hope to take over one day. From our family to yours, we promise outstanding coffee that is backed up by our passion and decades of experience in the industry.

Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Robert Emmons
Great to be back

Ordered coffee beans somewhere else to save some money and soon realized we had made a mistake. Received our order of Primo a couple of days ago and it is great. Smooth going down and no bitter aftertaste. Thx.
R. Emmons

Tina Hanson
Wonderful coffee

As usual the coffee is amazing!! And I am very picky about my coffee.

Kevin Roos

Outstanding quality, and great customer service. So easy to order online.

Randy Williams

I drink espresso. The beans are fresh and the taste is magnificent. Timely shipment!

Great coffee and great service

Tried the Primo this time and it was excellent. Finally purchased a burr grinder and appreciate the nuances you get in flavor with high quality coffee like this.